Positive attitudes do make a difference.

Salesmen with the right attitude exceed their quotas:
Students with the right attitude make straight A’s:
Right attitudes pave the way for a really happy married life: Right attitudes make you effective in dealing with people: enable you to develop as a leader.

Right attitudes win for you in every situation.


How we think shows through in how we act. Attitudes are mirrors of the mind. THEY REFLECT OUR THOUGHTS.

We read attitudes through expressions and voice tones and inflections.

In my opinion, there is one key ingredient a person can develop that will help their attitude grow in an upward direction; ENTHUSIASM. Be Enthusiastic!

The power of enthusiasm can sway the masses.

Here is an easy three step process that will help you develop the POWER of enthusiasm.

1. DIG INTO IT DEEPER – Do this little test. Think of two things in which you have little or no interest – certain kinds of music, sports, cards, etc. – Now ask yourself “How much do I really know about these things?” Odds are 100 to 1 that your answer is “not much”

I confess that for years I had absolutely no interest in ice hockey, even though I love sports. It was only after I talked with a couple of friends from the Northeast that could explain the rules that my thinking changed. Now that I understand it, I find it fascinating.

2. IN EVERYTHING YOU DO, LIFE IT UP – Enthusiasm, or lack of it, shows through in everything you do and say. LIFE UP your hand shaking. When you shake hands, shake! Make your hand clasp say “I’m glad to know you!”

Life up your smiles. Smile with your eyes. Nobody likes an artificial pasted-on rubbery smile. When you smile, smile! Show your teeth.

Life up your “thank you”. A routine automatic thank you is almost like saying “gleep, gleep”. It’s just an expression, it says nothing. It doesn’t accomplish anything. Make your thank you mean, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

3. BROADCAST GOOD NEWS – You and I have been in many situations when someone bursts in and says; “I’ve got good news.” Immediately this person gets 100 percent attention from everyone present. Good news does more than get attention; good news pleases people. Good news develops enthusiasm.

Some people say that it also promotes good digestion.

Transmit good news to your family or friends tell them the GOOD that happened today.

Ever notice how seldom children complain about the weather? They take the hot and cold weather in stride. Make it a habit to always speak favorably about the weather regardless of what the weather actually is. Complaining about the weather makes you more miserable and it spreads misery to others.

Broadcast good news about how you feel. Be a person that just radiates, “I feel great”. Just say “I feel great” at every opportunity and you will feel better. By the same token, tell people “I feel awful, just awful” and you will feel worse. HOW WE FEEL IS, IN LARGE PART, DETERMINED BY HOW WE THINK WE FEEL.

Other people want to be around alive, enthusiastic people. Being around complainers and negative people is an uncomfortable feeling. Give people encouragement at every opportunity. Talk about the positive. Listen to their problems. Be helpful. Win their support. Pat them on the back; tell them you believe in them.

Here is the ultimate positive attitude/enthusiasm test… When you leave someone; ask yourself does that person honestly feel better because they spoke with me?

QUICKLY, HERE IS A REVIEW; be enthusiastic by:

  1. Dig into it deeper
  2. Get into it; LIFE it up
  3. Broadcast good news

Old habits are hard to break. But changed habits turn into actions that make new lifestyles. ANYTHING WORTH HAVING IS WORTH WORKING FOR!

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