Live Public Virtual Seminar Schedule

FALL 2021

To register for a seminar, just e-mail Dave Oakes with numbers directly ([email protected]). To pay, go to the Store page on and use a credit card (seminar deposits and payments at the top of the page). If you need to pay by check, we can submit an invoice.

Click the topics below for a brochure.

Managing Multiple Priorities and Deadlines

Thursday, October 7, 9am-12noon EST – $79PP

Leading With Excellence

October 14, 9am-12noon EST – $79PP

How To Build A Strong Team

October 20, Wed. 9am-12noon EST $79 PP

How To Be A Better Communicator

Thursday, October 28, 9am-12noon EST – $79 PP

The Ins And Outs Of Public Speaking

Wed. November 3, 9am-12noon EST – $79 PP

Servant Leadership

November 11, 9am-12noon EST – $79 PP

How To Improve Your Professional Charisma

Wed. November 17, 9am-12noon EST – $79 PP

Effective Customer Communication

Wed. December 1, 9am-12noon EST – $79 PP

Change and Stress Management

December 9, 9am-12noon EST – $79 PP

Conflict Resolution And Confrontation Management

Wed. December 15, 9am-12noon EST – $79 PP