Meet Dave Oakes!


Steve Forbes said, “the real wealth and capital in this new era is not material things…it is the human mind, the human imagination, and our faith in the future,” and Dave Oakes Seminars shows people how to unleash these magnificent resources, both professionally and personally.

Dave Oakes is a skillful presenter and gifted instructor. He uses humor to invoke more creativity, more forward thinking and more assertiveness from his audiences. In short, Dave Oakes offers in-depth wake-up calls that inspire us to re-examine the routines and methods of everyday life. With strategic examples and user-friendly advice, Dave identifies solutions that give added meaning and new hope for an enhanced positive attitude. 

Using a refreshing approach to defining what it takes to succeed in our rapidly changing world, Dave Oakes Seminars addresses some of the most popular business topics, such as presentation skills, time and media management, and customer service. On average, Dave gives presentations to over eighty groups per year, including corporations such as Toys R Us, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Sears the NFL, Lowes and all branches of the US military. 

The bottom-line? Because the focus of a Dave Oakes Seminar is on future trends and how they influence our professional and personal lives, audiences come away rejuvenated and motivated to accept change…which, after all, is the key ingredient for practical healthy living.

Dave Oakes – Helping Professionals Excel in Today’s Workforce!

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