What are people saying about Dave Oakes?


“The Branding Seminar is the most interesting workshop I have ever attended,” 
Teri -Ohio


“Wonderful-thank you for making me talk about myself and helping me build and brand myself,”
Missy -Ohio


“The Personal Branding Seminar  is the only Seminar I have attended that I was engaged the entire time,”
Brian -Ohio


“I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate how you presented the material during the seminar. There wasn’t a moment that I didn’t feel engaged in the conversation.”
Shawn C.


“I have been to many leadership classes in my career and you are the best at working the room, building trust and getting the folks involved.”
Jason W.


“Yesterday we had a course in Raleigh on communicating. Our trainer, David Oakes was fantastic! He gave us an assignment to let our managers know the top two things that we got out of the course and that we would focus on to perform our jobs better.”
Griz C.


“We’re very pleased with the end result and you should be too!  Thank you so much again for taking the time to work with our group!”
Sue C., ESPN


“Thank you for a wonderful webinar.  I enjoy listening to you speak. You are definitely captivating.”
Dominique C., Texas


“David was the best trainer I’ve ever experienced. He kept everyone’s attention. He was engaging, funny and interesting. He had relevant stories and examples. I would definitely have him return.”
Maddi Kantor, Human Resources Director


“Your session was great, right on point, informative, interactive, interesting and done with the right amount of humor, thanks.”
Dave Whipple, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


“Finally, got a chance to use the DVD at a training with Hunter Education Instructors.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  We are developing an online training course for new instructors with South GA Regional Career College and planning to incorporate your public speaking training into that online course. Thanks for a great resource!”
Walter Lane, Georgia Department of Natural Resources


“The workshop evaluations and verbal feedback from our instructors regarding your presentations were very positive. Your presentations were the favorite part of the workshop for the participants.”
Fred Kimmel, Louisiana Department of Fish and Wildlife


“Finally, got a change to use the DVD at a training with Hunter Education Instructors. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We are developing and online training course for new instructors with South GA Regional Career College and planning to incorporate your public speaking training into that online course.  Thanks for a great resource!”
Walter Lane, Hunter Development Program Manager, Game Management


“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Presentation Workshop. That was an awesome learning experience for us all! That’s all anyone could talk about today at the RSO training. Not one single person had a negative comment about the presentation workshop…in fact; everyone recounted some of the presentations and discussed each others strong and weak attributes, and offered more details or advice to improve on our public speaking.”
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries


“Your talk on ‘Customer Service’ was interesting and entertaining. It was a perfect lead off for the marketing seminar that followed”
Jackie Niedringhaus, President ARA


“I have never been as energized as I was after attending the “Public Speaking Without Fear and Anxiety” seminar. You gave me the confidence and tools to work on the skill.”  
Jerry B., ESPN


“Thank you for presenting such a wonderful seminar. It was full of great ideas on managing one’s time and meeting deadlines. We are looking forward to your next topic.”
Jean Lebro, Executive Vice President


“The most amazing aspect of the ‘Public Speaking Without Fear and Anxiety’ seminar was the team building bond you felt with the other attendees. What a confidence boost this was!”  
Dale J., Lear Corporation


“May I just say how thoroughly I enjoyed today’s seminar, the energy you encourage us to share is wonderful.  I particularly like the concept of “model the behavior you want your employees to possess”. 
Lynda Varlack, Conservation and Fisheries Department


“I highly recommend your Presentation Skills workshop for any department staffer or volunteer that is uncomfortable with speaking in public. It is money well spent.”
Wayne Doyle, Hunter Education Coordinator


“After years of Seminars, this is the best I have ever attended. Great usable information.”
Larry Heichel, Developer


“You were able to keep everyone’s attention so well and provided them with such valuable information.”
Laura Doby, Hospital Administration


“You did a fantastic job leading our seasoned management team.  You handled the group with confidence and poise.”
David Carmichael, Consulting firm


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