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Six Things All Good Managers Know!

Six 20 minute topics

Topics include:
- The Moment Of Truth, the Power of a First Impression
- When You Become a Manager, Your Career is Over
- Some Things Never Change, Accepting Change
- How to Build Synergy and Build a Strong Team
- How to Build Your Personal Charisma
- Speak With Confidence and be a Better Communicator

Some Things Never Change

Six powerful but easy to read chapters

- Chapter One: What Coping with Change Really Means./p>

- Chapter Two: Inspirational to Cultivate Self-esteem

- Chapter Three: How to Incorporate Effective Time Management Routines

- Chapter Four: Realistic Ways to Achieve and Maintain Focus in Every Area of Life

- Chapter Five: How to Improve Communication so that you can Achieve More with Others

- Chapter Six: How to Cope with and Eliminate Unnecessary Stress



Employee Improvement Webinars

When you purchase a webinar recording you will also receive a PDF of the powerpoint. In addition, the purchase allows you to share the webinar link and PDF with unlimited associates/co-workers for one year. Each webinar is 50 minutes in length with a cost of $399, 3 webinars for $999 or all 8 for $2,499.
These may qualify for continuing education credits. Choose your selection below for purchase, and be sure to make a note of which webinars you would like to receive.

Generational Management

- The 5 Generations

- How they Perceive Each Other

- Getting Rid of the Myths

- Characteristics and Values of Each

- What Motivates Each Generation

- 5 Strategies to Work Together

Six Essentials Needed To Succeed In The Workplace

- How to Embrace Change

- How to Build Personal Self Esteem

- Key Time Management Tips

- The Keys to Better Communication

- Stress Management

- The Power of Focus

How To Build A Strong Team

- 7 Elements of a Strong Team

- 11 Keys to Build Trust

- How to Influence People to Accept Change

- How to Motivate Team Members

Public Speaking Without Fear And Anxiety

- 5 Types of Presentations

- How to Guarantee Success

- How to Control Stress and Nervousness

- 9 Steps to Create a Powerful Presentation

World Class Customer Service

- 11 Impressions You Make in 7 Seconds

- How You can BE the Competitive Edge

- Actions Customers Want from You

- How to Remain Positive on the Job

High Level Communications

- Understand how the “Noise Filter” Works

- The importance of “Value Noise”

- The Power of Tone and Body Language

- 5 Keys to Active Listening

- How to Build Your Credibility

How To Get Things Done

- Breaking the “Myth”

- Understanding how to use A’s, B’s and C’s

- How to Deal with Urgent and Important

- How to Prioritize Effectively

- How to Plan a Day

- The Power of Goal Setting

- How to Delegate

- How to Say "No"

- Tips to Handle Interruptions

Leading With Excellence

- Qualities of a Good Manager or Supervisor

- Actions to Establish Authority and Boost Credibility

- Common Management Missteps

- How to Prioritize

- How to Effectively Delegate and Empower

- Top Communication Tips

"Help! I need an emergency attitude makeover"

- What is a Positive Attitude

- 11 keys - The Magic of a Positive Attitude

- 3 Advantages - Attitude and Career Success

- Helpful Hints - The Need for Attitude Renewal

- How to Adjust Your Attitude - 7 Steps

Conflict Resolution

-Predictable Factors About Conflict

-Four levels of Conflict

-How to Create Your own Emotional State

-How to Combat “Trigger Thoughts” with Positive Thoughts

-How to Build Personal Self Esteem

-The Six Step Approach to Conflict Resolution

-7 Emotional Patterns

Purchase All 10 audio webinars with accompanying PPT., for just $2,475.00 (a $3,591.00 value).

  • Generational Management
  • Six Essentials Needed To Succeed In The Workplace
  • How To Build A Strong Team
  • Public Speaking Without Fear And Anxiety
  • Effective Customer Communication
  • High-Level Communications
  • How To Get Things Done
  • Leading With Excellence
  • "Help! I Need an Emergency Attitude Makeover"
  • Conflict Resolution

Public Speaking without Fear and Anxiety

The number one fear in America today is public speaking.

This 2 CD set will not only help you over come fear it will help you craft a presentation including a powerful open and close. It also covers how to keep it interesting and how to use the room and technology to keep the people engaged.

Audio, 2 hours, $29.95

How To Delegate

A survey was conducted among 104 of the top men and women C.E.O.s in America and they were asked what are the top 5 reasons you give somebody a promotion. Out of 104 surveyed, 84 had the same first answer…..They have to know how to delegate. Learn how on this 20 minute CD.

Video 20 minutes, $19.95

The Art of the Interview

“The Art Of The Interview” is your Complete interview tool set 29 pages of useful information. 

The booklet includes the best ways to get truthful  background information, how the prospect is motivated, how they will work with your team, their true work experience and their perceived weaknesses and strengths and much more.

"The Art of the Interview" (pdf)