Keynote Speeches

The Moment Of Truth

When you meet someone you make 11 impressions in the first 7 seconds. They will make one of three decisions. How to build your personal charisma.

Six Essentials Needed To Succeed In The 21st Century

Six things that never change, the need to cope with change, the need to build one's self-esteem, the need to manage time, the need to handle stress, the importance of good communication and the power of a focused plan.

Speak With Confidence and Be A Better Communicator

Understanding the six components of “value noise,” the power of tone and body language, how to overcome nervousness and fear, how to guarantee success, how to utilize the power of your voice and how to control the environment.

Effective Servant Leadership

Learn about the role of Listening, Empathy, Healing, Awareness, Persuasion, Conceptualization, Foresight, Stewardship, Growth of People and Building Community. The difference between a boss and a leader.

Will Power

Get motivated by learning how to control your thought, how to control procrastination, how to get things done, how to plan for the future, how to get what you want out of life and business. Personal will power is the key.

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