To improve your memory there are some general principles that are required if you want to train yourself to remember more effectively. The following seven principles will help you understand factors that are essential to memory improvement.

Memory can be improved through:

  1. Interest – It is much easier to remember things that are of interest. Interest helps you store and process information in such a way that you remember it for a long time.
  2. Selection – By choosing the most significant points about an issue, there is no need to remember everything in detail. You will be able to recall it a month, a year, or even 5 years from now.
  3. Attention – Pay attention to what you want to remember. Attending to one thing at a time will help you clarify the task, event or even a person’s name.
  4. Understanding – It is easier to learn and remember something when it is understood. The more new information can be associated with something you already know, the more meaning it will have.
  5. Intention to Remember – We are more likely to recall something when we intend to remember it. It increases our “original awareness.”
  6. Confidence – Positive Mind Set – Without having confidence in our ability to remember, our “will” to remember becomes nothing more than a mere hope. Use positive affirmations about your memory instead of joking how bad it is.
  7. Ego Involvement – Much of what we experience falls in one of two categories: things that please us (or we agree with) or things that displease us (or we disagree with). We seem to learn best when material reinforces our strengths, opinions or beliefs.

Memory is a skill. Like any skill, it can be improved with practice. With the right attitude, you can have fun learning to improve your ability to remember. You’ll be surprised how fast you will increase what you remember with practice.

How is your memory? IT IS GREAT!

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