Dave-Oakes-Seminars-blog (4)“Star Quality”

Self-Confident individuals stand out. They’re the leaders, the shining lights, the attention getters in their public or private spheres. Theirs is a star quality born of self-regard, self-respect, self certainty-all those self words that denote a faith in oneself and a commitment to one’s self styled purpose. Combined with ambition that marks this style, that magical self-regard can transform idle dreams into real accomplishment.

The Self-Confident personality style is one of the two most goal-directed. Self-Confident men and women know what they want, and they get it. Many of them have the charisma to attract plenty of others to their goals. They are extroverted and intensely political. They know how to work the crowd, how to motivate it, and how to lead it. Hitch on to their bandwagons, and you will be rewarded.

The Self-Confident style adds go-getting power to other personality styles. For example, it counteracts the conscientious person’s tendency to get sidetracked by details, and it fuels the adventurous person’s great feats of daring. It propels any personality pattern into the realm of success. Indeed, the Self-Confident style confers an ability to be successful more than any but the aggressive personality style.

The following nine traits and behaviors are clues to the presence of the Self-Confident style:

  1. Self Regard – Self-Confident individuals believe in themselves and in their abilities.
  2. The Red Carpet – They expect others to treat them well at all times.
  3. Ambition – Self-Confident people are unabashedly open about their aspirations and possibilities.
  4. Politics – They are able to take advantage of the strengths and abilities of other people in order to achieve their goals.
  5. Competition – They are able competitors, they love getting to the top.
  6. Stature – They identify with people of high rank and status.
  7. Dreams – Self-Confident individuals are able to visualize themselves as the hero, the star, the best in their role.
  8. Self-awareness – These individuals have a keen awareness of their thoughts and feelings.
  9. Poise – People with the Self-Confident personality style accept compliments, praise, and admiration gracefully.

Self-Confident individuals are genuine, often gifted leaders. If this is your dominant style, follow ambitions that lead toward leadership and the lime-light.

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