STNC-bookI speak to over 100 groups per year both public and private. There are four types of people that come to seminars; Tourists, it’s better to be there than at work; The graduate, they already know everything (they think!) they come to see for sure; The “captive”, there against their will, it usually takes about one quarter of the day for them to warm up; and finally, the student. This person loves learning. They will get the most out of the seminar.

The key is will any one the attendees do anything with what they have learned?

People attend seminars to get better at work or in their personal lives. I’m sure you have heard this saying, “knowledge is power”. That is actually only partly right. Knowledge is power if you do something with it. Most people that learn new information through books, tapes, seminars or hanging around knowledgeable people don’t ever change because they don’t have enough mental strength or self discipline to change the undesirable “habits” they have acquired in their life.

Even though our world is all about “Change” I believe there are things in life that NEVER CHANGE.

  1. Having weekly, monthly and annual GOALS to set you in the right direction.
  2. Learning how to be a better COMMUNICATOR and LISTENER, 90% of what goes wrong at home or work is poor communication skills.
  3. Having SELF CONFIDENCE and strong self esteem to help get you through the tough times.
  4. TIME MANAGEMENT, there is no such thing as mental “multi tasking”
  5. STRESS CONTROL, the number 1 killer in the work place today
  6. CHANGE, Mark Twain once said “nobody likes to be changed except a wet baby”. Everyone has to learn to deal with this.

These “6 things” are the topics of a new three hour “key note” program that I have titled “Some Things Never Change”.

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